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The Robots Are Coming! The Robots are Coming!
Is your job at risk?

The 1960’s cartoon “The Jetsons”, envisioned the future with flying cars, push button food dispensers, widespread video communications and robots, lots of robots. Long before Americans had PC’s, cell phones, smart watches or Google glasses we already had a vision of how in the not to distant future, computers and robots would take the primary role in many of the jobs currently being performed by people.

That vision of the future was recently re-enforced by an Oxford University study entitled “THE FUTURE OF EMPLOYMENT: HOW SUSCEPTIBLE ARE JOBS TO COMPUTERISATION?∗”. (Bloomberg thankfully reduced this 72 page study to a easy to understand visual graph.) This study took a look at which jobs were most likely to be “computerized” or automated in some form by the use of technology. The study included a probability ranking for over 700 professions. The results conclude a shocking 47% of total US employment is in the high risk category for jobs that could expect to be automated relatively soon (within one to two decades). What does that mean for US workers?

Graph provided by Bloomberg Visual Data

Will my job become obsolete as machines become more intelligent?

iRobot’s Roomba vacuum

It may be a bit scary to admit, but machines are better at some jobs then humans. The number of jobs machines perform better at then people expands every year. This is both logical and in most cases desirable.

That was recently highlighted by a tongue-in-cheek story by the satire publication The Onion about factory workers who’s jobs were so monotonous and dangerous they were worried about the prospects of their jobs NOT being replaced by machines anytime soon.

Fortunately machines do not typically operate in a zero sum jobs game. Having a machine perform a task in the workplace does not necessarily mean the elimination of a job for a person. More often than not, it introduces new job opportunities and demand for skilled positions to use or oversee the new technology.

Machines will empower employees to work in new ways.

Empowering employees to be more productive and effective at their jobs is the most common reason technology is brought into the workplace. In the category of remote workers we see this trend escalating quickly. There are already many real world examples of this.

Robots allow doctors to visitor patients virtually

Robots enable doctors to be “virtually” in the room with patients from a remote location. This allows doctors to perform certain task with patients even when the doctor and patient are not in the same city. This saves time and allows the doctor to care for more people then they could if they had to travel between locations.

Pilots fly drone aircraft remotely

Military pilots are still in high demand, although more and more of them are flying with their feet firmly on the ground, while the drones they pilot fly over hostile sky’s.

Other examples of people performing their jobs remotely via video connections include: University Professors, Security Guards, Bank Tellers, Support Agents and many, many others. I recently went to a Starbucks drive-through which had a outdoor screen on which I could see streaming video of the employee as they took my order. How did that make the employee more productive? I’m not sure, but it did add a personal touch that was more pleasant then the cold, impersonal loud speaker that greats me at other drive through locations. That’s an example of the use of video communication technology to improve consumer experience.

Where else can you expect to see technology enabled remote workers?

ALICE ReceptionistSystems allow remote Receptionist to communicate with building visitors.


When we developed A.L.I.C.E (A Live Interactive Customer Experience) technology a few years back, we were breaking ground in how businesses could enable remote employees to communicate with customers.

Today the use of two way video communication to interact with customers is becoming common place. Our ALICE Receptionist product is only one example. ALICE is an interactive solution that allows a company’s employees to remotely monitor and communicate with building visitors via two way video. Our Alice Receptionist systems are greeting building visitors for businesses and government agencies around the globe including in theUS, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica. Using the ALICE Receptionist system, Receptionists are now far more productive, more secure, and can provide personal service and attention to visitors that previously would have required a company to staff a receptionist physically at each building entrance.

User Acceptance

As with any new technology user acceptance is key to a technology’s success in the market. This is especially true when that technology changes how we communicate with others. For remote video communications, the widespread acceptance by consumers of products like Skype (299 million users) and FaceTime (200+ million devices) has helped pave the way. Businesses are now using video communications not only internally (Microsoft Lync, Cisco TelePresence), but are also starting to use this technology to interact with customers, and customers welcoming the added personal interaction.

“Romo” personal robot toy by Romotive

For Robots, this also holds true. There are already a wide range of toy robots on the market that our children feel no hesitation in playing with. Robot kits are available to build your own robot. We continue to see an increasing use of them in our everyday lives in more professional and productive roles. Given this trend, it’s not hard to see the Jetsons vision of a robot led classroom in our future.

Robot Boss?

recent study by the University of Manitoba’s human Computer Interaction Lab, shows how accepting people already are to take orders from a robot boss, even when the robot is a toy. In the study 46% of volunteers followed the robot’s instructions. Maybe we should be less concerned about robots taking our jobs and more concerned about future robot bosses.

A Note from the CTO’s Desk: ALICE Receptionist & ELO Touchscreen Solutions

An excerpt from today’s release about the partnership we have entered with Elo Touchscreen Solutions, the original inventor of touchscreen technology:

“Elo’s 42-inch touchscreen plus WinTech LLC’s ALICE™ receptionist software enables employees to communicate with visitors in the lobby from their desks using face-to-face video or audio-only conversations. Guests are automatically greeted and told how to use the interactive directory without losing the personal touch of human customer service. The intuitive, one-touch interface makes it easy for a receptionist in a central location to manage several remote office lobbies. Visitors no longer feel “lost” upon entering a company lobby; and employees feel more secure knowing visitors will automatically be greeted. ALICE receptionist operates 24/7 and is always available to welcome office visitors.”

The Elo Corporate Collaboration Solution

The Elo Corporate Collaboration Solution

Today marks a new chapter for WinTech and ALICE Receptionist. Today we announced a partnership with ELO Touch Solutions to offer ALICE Receptionist as part of ELO’s newly created “Elo at The Office” business solution suite.
ELO Touch Solutions is the original inventor of touchscreen technology and is a global leader in touchscreen manufacturing and sales of touchscreen devices. Because of the interactive nature of ALICE Receptionist, ELO is a perfect partner for us as our software complements their hardware, and their hardware works perfectly with the ALICE Receptionist software.

With this partnership, ELO resellers around the globe will now be able to sell ALICE Receptionist as part of a package that includes ELO all-in-one touch computers with screen sizes from 32-inch to 70-inch.

For WinTech, this is the first of a number of key partnerships which will make ALICE Receptionist available to businesses, government agencies and organizations around the globe. The ELO partnership alone will immediately add hundreds of reseller organizations who are already selling Elo’s interactive solutions, to begin offering ALICE Receptionist.

We know businesses are looking for a technology solution that provide increased building security, improved visitor interaction and empowers their employees to manage multiple locations remotely. ALICE Receptionist does this and much more and continues to be the most advanced technology solution in this market. The Elo partnership will help us reach those companies who are looking for but have not heard of ALICE Receptionist yet.
We are honored that an industry leader such as ELO has chosen to partner with WinTech and understands the value ALICE Receptionist will bring to their customers.

Mike Yoder
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

To read the full press release CLICK HERE. 

ALICE Receptionist wins StartupCamp 8 at the IT Expo

ALICE Receptionist StartupCamp 8“ALICE Receptionist can revolutionize the front desk like Nest did to the thermostat.”

That’s what a judge said to a live audience at the StartupCamp 8 event at this year’s IT Expo.  It was one of those moments that really makes you step back and reflect on why we work so hard to make ALICE Receptionist.  We are more excited than ever to change the way companies communicate with their visitors.

A great night at what was by far the largest competition event we have entered. Close to 1,000 IT Expo attendees packed the room to watch 4 companies compete for the title of best StartupCamp “Comms Edition.”

We had some great competition with companies TextGen, Perzo, and Perch.  All startups looking to change customer service, how we consume social media, and how we collaborate with each other in the workplace.   We are very grateful to have shared the stage with what were all class act leaders and innovators.

There could only be one winner at this event and we were humbled and grateful to be voted by the audience as best Startup.

Thank you Larry Lisser for putting on such a fantastic event and all the wonderful people at IT Expo.

The journey continues for ALICE, not to just create a great Virtual Receptionist but to fundamentally change the way you service your visitors.

Stay tuned for more great things from the ALICE Receptionist team.


ALICE Receptionist at SXSW V2V

Most of you have heard of SXSW, the huge collision of Tech, Music and Film in Austin, Texas.  What you might not know is SXSW has now branched outside of Austin and created a new event right in our backyard called SXSW V2V!photo

Why Las Vegas for a SXSW offshoot?  It’s simple, Las Vegas has a remarkable community called #VegasTech and it’s the most exciting startup hub in the country.  Seeing the potential of what Las Vegas is building from the Downtown Project to the several other startups spread across the Las Vegas Valley you can’t help but think that SXSW and tech leaders from around the world see Las Vegas as the next great startup city.

The ALICE Receptionist team demoed in Austin this past March with other #VegasTech companies and jumped at the opportunity to do it again here in Las Vegas at the SXSW V2V Startup Spotlight. The best part was we weren’t the only #VegasTech company at the Startup Spotlight! It’s always a pleasure to see the wonderful people from Tracky, an amazing collaboration tool if you haven’t tried it yet and we made some new #VegasTech friends from Cubby Road, a company aimed at making finding child care easier!

It was great demoing our Virtual Receptionist solution to all the attendees from entrepreneurs, VC’s, content creators, and all around amazing people who all contribute to the meaning of “V2V” which states as: “Visionaries to Vegas, Vision to Venture, Voice to Voice, Venture to Vegas – all the variations of the V2V moniker carry the same theme, the movement from idea to reality.”

Thank you for another great event SXSW, until next time!

-The ALICE Receptionist team

Get Out of the Office and Get Inspired!

Having our company based in Las Vegas has a lot of perks, and no we aren’t talking casino comps, fine dining, and golf courses as far as the eyes can see.

We are talking about the community. You may have heard about an emerging technology hub being born in Las Vegas, collectively called #VegasTech.

The booming start-up community in Las Vegas is nothing short of amazing and we are proud to be a part of such an amazing group of leaders and innovators.

Okay enough of the mushy stuff and to the point. Our office isn’t in Downtown Las Vegas where a lot of the emerging tech companies reside. Wintech LLC the parent company of ALICE Receptionist has actually been creating software solutions in Las Vegas for over 20 years and only 3 years ago decided to focus on our own product, ALICE Receptionist.

The great part of our history in Las Vegas is we have had our own office for some time, the bad part is sometimes we feel disconnected from the amazing community of startups coalescing in Downtown Las Vegas. So a couple of us from the office have decided to try and work from one of the new co-working spots Downtown a couple times a month.

A lot of individuals and companies in the #VegasTech scene have begun working out of a co-working building called Work in Progress (317 S 6th Street), so we figured let’s start there!





It was a great experience seeing so many familiar faces and getting the opportunity to work in such an energetic environment. The chatter in the background of people discussing different pricing models, the excitement of people sharing new user interface designs for their yet to be released apps, and the sea of coders and designers in head down mode feverishly working to build the next disruptive tech product of the future.

We will definitely be getting a membership to WIP and the moral of the story is even if your work environment is awesome it’s good to get out, explore and work amongst like-minded people because not only is it inspiring to be around so many doers and thinkers you never know what could happen, your next big idea or just meeting a new friend.

Get out of the office, and if you’ve got an ALICE Receptionist system, you can be rest assured knowing visitors can still reach you, even if you’re working remotely. 😉

Virtual Receptionist vs. Virtual Receptionist


Will the real virtual receptionist please stand up?

As a company we had a hard time deciding if the term “Virtual Receptionist” applied to us.   If you look at the companies that market inside the Virtual Receptionist domain it becomes very apparent on what they do. They are phone answering services and that’s where it ends.   So are we a Virtual Receptionist company?

Well what does a receptionist do?

The Wiki explanation: “A receptionist is an employee taking an office/administrative support position. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization or business. The title “receptionist” is attributed to the person who is specifically employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls.”

Combing thru some job boards, Craigslist and other job websites here is the most common job requirements for a receptionist job:

  • Typing, Filing, Answering phones
  • An upbeat attitude
  • A professional appearance
  • An ability to deal with several situations at once
  • Providing information to callers
  • Running errands — must have good driving record
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Great attitude
  • Excellent computer skills, must be experienced in Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Research
  • Team player, but able to work with minimum supervision
  • Must be reliable with good work ethics
  • Experience in a certain industry office setting is preferred
  • Bi-Lingual — Spanish speaking is preferred
  • You must be legally able to work in the US and have proper documentation.

Because ALICE Receptionist empowers your entire organization to manage your front desk via ALICE and the fact that you can take your current receptionist or dedicate one employee to greet visitors, we can say with confidence that ALICE is in fact a Receptionist.  If “virtual” annotates “the quality of having the attributes of something without sharing its (real or imagined) physical form,” then ALICE is indeed a Virtual Receptionist.

So then what are all these other companies really? Virtual Call Centers? Virtual phone answerers? Surely they are not Receptionists.

We will stick to the facts, and the fact is we really are the only Virtual Receptionist company offering real human interaction through 2 way video and accomplishing the tasks that you really look for in a receptionist position.

Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new! We are really excited to update our website with a clearer picture of what we do and what are plans are for the future.

We have built some great partnerships to reduce the cost of our all in one solutions and have introduced a new subscription pricing model to help small and medium businesses use our software at a very affordable price. Click here for info on ALICE for SMB.

Please take the time to look around our website and find out how ALICE Receptionist can


revolutionize the management of your visitor traffic. A great start is with our demo video on our home page and also located under our Videos section.

It’s our goal to not be like every other Virtual Receptionist company and really provide a solution that supplies amazing customer service to your visitors.

We are always looking for feedback, so if you are not finding all the information you need, please let us know. We want you to be perfectly comfortable and informed before you make the decision to bring ALICE Receptionist into your front desk or lobby.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to speaking with you.

– The ALICE Receptionist Team