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ALICE Client Turner Construction Selected to Build Los Angeles Rams’ Stadium

Rams Stadium Concept

Turner Construction Company will be partnering with AECOM and Hollywood Park Land Company to build one of the largest and technologically advanced stadiums for the Los Angeles Rams. The design includes seating for 70,000 attendees, standing room for 27,000 spectators and 275 luxury suites.

More than 10,000 jobs are expected to be created throughout the construction, in addition to driving plans for hotels, retail space, offices and other businesses in the area.

Turner Construction has 5,200 employees and over 40 offices across the United States and Canada. Multiple of those locations have been using the ALICE Receptionist system since 2014. ALICE Receptionist helps organizations, such as Turner Construction, manage visitors to their buildings while helping secure employees. Visit the ALICE Receptionist website for more information on how ALICE is reimagining visitor management.

ALICE Receptionist Helping Pokemon US Corporate Office Greet and Process Visitors


The numbers for the augmented reality (AR) mobile app “Pokemon Go” are staggering. In just the first week since the app’s launch it enjoys a larger engaged user base than Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

When players open the app, it shows a map of the area around them, similar to google maps, with various points of interest. Players physically walk or travel to different areas in the real world to capture virtual Pokemon, which are shown superimposed on the player’s phone screen.


“Pokemon Go’s” use of AR has already started to change the conversation on which technology, AR or virtual reality (VR), will have a bigger impact on users of these technologies in the near future.

Last year, The Pokemon Company purchased an ALICE Receptionist system for their U.S. corporate offices. ALICE greets and registers visitors, alerts employees, connects guest and staff via video calls and provides interactive information through the ALICE Receptionist touchscreen interface. For more information, visit the ALICE Receptionist website.