Security and surveillance

Secure Your Lobby

Visual Verification
Employees have the ability to see and speak with visitors who are in the lobby before they go out to greet or "buzz" them in.

Visitor Image Capture
ALICE captures images of visitors, which can be reviewed and downloaded by company security personnel.

Lobby Watch
Employees have the ability to turn on the ALICE Directory camera to remotely watch their lobby area from the convenience of their desk.



Reports are available for all visitors who check in with the ALICE system.

Visitor Logs
Reports include guest information, what employee were visited, and when the guest arrived and left are available.

Call Logs
Reports are available for all calls made from the ALICE kiosk. Reports include what employee was called, at what time, and how long the call lasted.

Hardware Security

Monitor and view your building exterior with live streams, and allow employees to "buzz" in visitors.

With ALICE Aware (additional hardware required) companies can install and configure a separate camera or cameras which provide live streaming video surveillance.

ALICE can be configured with select outdoor intercom systems. When a visitor arrives at a locked building, they can use the external intercom system to communicate with employees in the building using ALICE software.