Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore - She Works Everywhere...

One of the coolest "real time" video-related applications I've come across is ALICE Receptionist. ALICE is the brainchild of a Las Vegas, Nevada based company (, which grew organically out of their successful IT and systems integration business to solving a really interesting problem I'm sure many of us have experienced. Read More »

Posted on: May 13th, 2014   |   Source: Real Time Communications 

Rise of the Remote Worker

Remote office workers have been commonplace in the tech community for over a decade. With employees working from home, coffee shops, public areas and just about anywhere they can find good WiFi and close proximity to strong coffee. Read More »

Posted on: May 07th, 2014   |   Source: The ALICE Blog 

The Robots Are Coming! The Robots are Coming! Is your job at risk?

The 1960?s cartoon “The Jetsons”, envisioned the future with flying cars, push button food dispensers, widespread video communications and robots, lots of robots. Long before Americans had PC’s, cell phones, smart watches or Google glasses we already had a vision of how in the not to distant future, computers and robots would take the primary role in many of the jobs currently being performed by people. Read More »

Posted on: Mar 24th, 2014   |   Source: The ALICE Blog 

New MacDoc office part of company's growth strategy

The virtual receptionist knows they are there due to motion-detection technology. The actual human being who then talks to the customer through the machine is based out of the firm's Fredericksburg office. That person can then direct the customer to the right place. Read More »

Posted on: Jan 20th, 2014   |   Source: 

Here are four Las Vegas startups that are getting national attention

The companies got to compete for a $10,000 prize and show off in front of representatives from Intel, Google and a bunch of other companies and investors. Read More »

Posted on: Oct 26th, 2013   |   Source: Vegas Inc. 

Meet the 24 Startups Pitching at Tech Cocktail Celebrate

Tech Cocktail has spent the past year traveling far and wide, uncovering the hottest startups in cities across the country. Each region had two Hottest Showcasing Startups, as determined by an online poll leading up to the event and a live SMS poll at the event. We've invited all of these Hottest Showcasing Startups to be a part of Tech Cocktail Celebrate on October 24-25. Read More »

Posted on: Oct 14th, 2013   |   Source: Tech Cocktail