Wintech, LLC - Mike Yoder Interview

Mike Yoder is Co-Founder and CTO at WinTech LLC and Co-Creator of WinTech's ALICE Receptionist visitor management solutions for businesses. Mr. Yoder is a software engineer by training and has developed and successfully led the deployment of hundreds of custom software solutions over his 25 years in the technology industry. Read More »

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Virtual Receptionist bridges the gap between customer service and technology

If there is one thing CTO Mike Yoder learned from exhibiting at this year's SXSW Interactive Trade Show, it would be that companies large and small are looking for new ways to use technology. They want to innovate inside their company walls without losing the personal touch of customer service. With one look at ALICE Receptionist, these innovation seekers were pleased to see the future of their front desk or lobby. Read More »

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ALICE Receptionist is poised to revolutionize visitor management for office buildings and commercial buildings. A.L.I.C.E., which stands for A Live Interactive Communication Experience, enables businesses to present live customer service video agents on any number of kiosks, video displays, and other digital signage devices, enabling two-way or one-way video interaction with customers and employees. Read More »

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WinTech Introduces ALICE Mobile Virtual Receptionist

WinTech, the creator of ALICE Receptionist, a cloud-based "virtual" video receptionist solution, today announced it will launch at SxSW ALICE Mobile which works with any SIP compatible communication device' smart phone or tablet. ALICE Mobile allows a company's employees to be located nearly anywhere, and to interact face-to-face with visitors located at an ALICE Receptionist enabled office, invaluable in today's busy multi-tasking world. Read More »

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This Wednesday, Las Vegas startup WinTech announced $1.7 million in funding for its first product, the ALICE virtual receptionist. ALICE, which stands for 'live, interactive customer experience' is a flatscreen computer on a desktop, wall, or kiosk that goes in your business's lobby. Read More »

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Vegas startup secures funding for virtual receptionist tech

WinTech LLC, the creators of virtual ALICE Receptionist technology, today announced that it raised more than $1.7 million in private funding. The company said it intends to use the funds to scale distribution, expand sales efforts, launch the ALICE Cloud Service at the South by Southwest tech conference in early March and to begin expansion into global markets. Read More »

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